An aspiring Indie-games studio from the heart of Berlin.

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More than games...

Games to make
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We create games with a strong message and impact.There is no such thing for us as " just a game". Webelieve that such statements prevent games fromreaching their full potential - help building a betterworld.

We take games serious

Games are our preferred way of entertainment and many people share our passion. Games have the ability to reach bigger audiences - young and old - than most other mediums. And they can be so much more than just pure entertaining - some can be considered art, others can educate, challenge or comment on the current zeitgeist.

But in order for serious games to reach their full potential, they need to be able to make the experience of learning fun and appealing to a broad audience. This is what we strive for.


Games can be an effective tool to transfer knowledge and can create an environment that people enjoy learning new things in - also those who would otherwise spend their time differently. Research has shown that games have the potentialto enhance attention control and memory and improve decision-making capabilities. Our mission is to build games that make the playerexperience some of the major challenges of ourtime and in a playful way develop approaches totackle them.

Our current project

Planet B

A rouge-lite with sustainability in mind

The impact of humans on their environment is frequently discussed in media, but still rarely addressed in video games. PLANet B is our way of making this problem more perceptible for the broad audicence and increase awareness for the topic. By questionning the higher, faster, further mentality of typical strategic video games, we want people to reflect on growth for the growth's sake at the expense of our environment.

Cards meet hexagons

We combine amechanic with acreative card game hexgonal map. Thanks to our procedural level creation every run is as unique as our earth.
  • Release 2023
  • Windows, MacOS and Mobile
  • Easy to learn - hard to master
  • Sustainability focused

Mechanics first

PLANet B is a tactically challenging card game with an extensive deck-building mechanic. Every level is a new puzzle that needs to be solved. You need to adapt your deck constantly or you will fail. Safe & Sustainable or. Ruthless and Risky - can you resist the rapid reward?

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The brains behind the games

About us

Simply our vision.

When a computer scientist meets a doctor...

...they start developing video games of course. After being friends and playing games together for decades, we decided to take it to the next level and founded WhalesDontFly, our very own gaming study located in the center of Berlin, Germany. Our mission is to build games that tell a story and convey a strong message while at the same time create a great experience for the player.

Moritz is a computer scientist with experience in development and IT consulting. Oscar is a physician by background with 5 years of work experience at the German Entertainment Software Self- Regulation Body and in the digital health industry.
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